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Newistt. It's all about
harnessing technology.

Newistt makes managing your personal finances a cinch. Be the master
of your money so you can get more out of life.


Experts are behind
everything we do.

Whether it's the research and evaluation done by our financial specialists,
the people behind our technology make all the difference.


We created a company.
It changed an industry.

We knew that by aligning our incentives with our customers,
without compromise, we could build something truly significant.


Loved by customers, trusted by experts.

Once ERP is implemented, all business processes are integrated into a single unified system providing complete visibility and one unified reporting system. The Enterprise resource software cuts across school software, medical and laboratory management software, pharmacy management and industrial process management.

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We’re aiming to bring back the feeling of defined benefits, and the financial peace of mind that goes with it. We envision a world where you can be confident of reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

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Reliable & Trustworthy

Whether it’s the research and evaluation done by our  professionals, or the dedicated care of our world-class customer support specialists, the people behind our technology make all the difference.

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Working everyday for the people that matter.

No global movement springs from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big. Together, we work hard on creating the best technology platform.

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Newistt has helped us to just have a better handle on everything in our business – to actually make decisions and move forward to grow.

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